GOODHILL コンテンツヘッダーロゴ


Tomoharu Ushida’s new stage costume for Tottori performance on the 20th


Mr. Ushida (right) facing the measurement of the stage costume black tie = Good Hill Tokyo Branch in Minato-ku, Tokyo
Good Hill (Yoshinari 2-chome, Yoshioka, Tottori City) wears a stage costume tuxedo worn by Mr. Ushida (21) at the 45th anniversary commemorative project "Tomoharu Ushida Piano Recital" (20th, Torigin Culture Hall, Tottori City). (President Hideki) will make it, and the measurements were taken on the 1st.

In the measurements taken at the company’s Tokyo branch (Koji Ichihara branch manager) in Minato-ku, Tokyo, Mr. Ushida requested that “it is better to have a little extra space” and “pants should be a little longer”. While listening carefully to Mr. Ushida’s wishes, he chose the fabric and style and measured them.

Mr. Ushida has visited the city since 2016, when he held a recital. He said that he made the first tuxedo at that time, and he said, "Tuxedo is easy to play because the upper body is stable. I want the performer to play in calm clothes and feel the atmosphere," he said.