GOODHILL コンテンツヘッダーロゴ


Goodhill gave antiviral suits to Gainare

(Article published in “Nihonkai Shimbun” dated February 26, 2021)

Manager Takagi (front right) and players dressed in brand new suits vowing to be promoted

On the 25th, men’s clothing maker Goodhill presented 46 players in Gainare Tottori, soccer J3, 46 custom-made suits and 46 sets of shirts and other articles for their away games.

The suits were made up in a slender silhouette that emphasizes the lines of the trained body. The fabric has the antiviral processing technology called “viral off” by Polydin Co. (Sweden), which is supposed to be effective for reducing specific viruses because of an active ingredient of the silver chloride.

At the presentation ceremony, President Yoshioka encouraged them to “fight to the end and be promoted to J2 this year.”   Riki Takagi vowed to be promoted, saying, “We are building a strong and brave team that deserves the suits. We will make it happen.” Captain Masataka Kani said, “It will be helpful to reduce the infection risk when moving.  Our promotion will be the gratitude for the support of many people.” He braced himself toward the opening game on March 14.